Slowtech's curated Home Assistant add-ons.
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This repository can be pointed at as a Home Assistant add-ons repository. It contains the following add-ons:

  • Stirling PDF
  • Shadowsocks
  • Homebox (Staging only; ingress is not supported.)
  • Open Visual Studio Code (Staging only; ingress is not supported.)
Package Stable Staging
Stirling PDF 0.22.6 0.22.6
Shadowsocks 1.18.2 1.18.2
Homebox n/a 0.10.3
Open Visual Studio Code n/a 1.87.1

Please note that add-ons are only available for certain installation methods.


Please follow Home Assistant's instructions to add a custom repository to your Home Assistant instance.

The repository address to point at is the following:


The add-ons packaging work is distributed under the Affero GPL License (See LICENSE file.) by the author.

Please note that the add-ons are based on containers distributed by their respective developers under different open source licenses. The logo.png and icon.png files are distributed under that license, provided in the add-on sub-directory.